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Family Law

  Siyamthanda Buku Attorneys Inc. subscribes to the tenets of the South African Family Lawand adheres to its beliefs by addressing family law cases constructively, with the goal of resolving rather than inflaming. With a constructive mentality, we are adept at resolving family law conflicts. Our mission is to ensure that both our clients and...

Last Will of Testament

One of the most significant papers you prepare today but leave behind for later is your final will and testament. But it’s also crucial that you write your final will and testament inside the legal framework. Using experienced will attorneys is the greatest method to ensure that this document is valid and enforceable. • Professional...

Personal Injury Law

Claims for personal injury Electrocutions in Buildings and Construction Victims of gunshots Siyamthanda Buku Attorneys Inc. has taken a creative approach to personal injury law and is able to aid any victim who has suffered personal harm at the hands of a negligent third party, whether to himself or to a family breadwinner. It is critical...

What You Need To Know About Unlawful Arrests?

Getting Arrested is a painful and humiliating experience. If you’ve been wrongfully arrested, you’re presumably both indignant and distressed. However, it is critical that you remain calm in the face of the event. When a police officer abuses his or her jurisdiction, or when a person’s freedom of movement is unjustifiably curtailed by a law...

Insurance Law

Many people have cheerfully signed up for insurance as a service. This is because many South Africans face certain levels of risk, and the insurance coverage that they have acquired with their monthly payments allows them to rest certain that if a risk has manifested itself and caused a loss or damage to their estate...
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